Friday, July 10, 2009

Pitch modified Gameboy!

Yes a pitch modified gameboy, A potentiometer was added to the gameboy to control the speed, but also the pitch of it.

But i will talk less about it Ill just show you.

The gameboy has a pro sound mod on the original head phone output.

The speaker was removed to make way for

This thing makes some great sound and is a lot of fun!

I'm selling for a 80 dollars and you get 10 dollars off if you buy a copy of LSDJ with it.

shipping with out a tracking number is free,
but if you would like a tracking number shipping will be
an extra $10

Email me if you want to buy something, my email address is:


  1. Man, you need to teach me to half clock my this mod looks cool as hell too, grats on yet another sale...

    BTW, my blog is juts called KyRomite now... so if you can change the link, Thats would rock... Thanks for the link by the way.. I have one for you too, in fact you have a live link with thumbnail images of your latest post. ;)

  2. here is like to a site with a tutorial. :)

    these mods are great fun you get some really cool sounds out of a DMG!

    Thanks man, I just changed it.

    your new DMG is looking sweet!How did you do the Nintendo and the 8bitcollective sign?

  3. This is a very cool looking Gameboy!
    I wish I had one of those portable video games, but I have to get some Generic Viagra . Anyway, all of them are sold out, aren't they?