Tuesday, July 28, 2009

LSDJ V 3.8.9 in stock!

LSDJ Cartridges are now in stock!

These cartridges are flashed with the newest stable version of LSDJ.

Not sold here any more try HERE

Email me the your proof of your license before you buy.

You must have an license for LSDJ to buy, If you don't have one you have buy it at littlesounddj.com/ for only 2 dollars.

email me at ruairidillon@gmail.com


  1. surely if you are selling these to us for 20 times the price, you should have bought a license to sell them?

  2. what the f**k do you know.....

    im not and i make very little money from sellin these carts!

    also you can't buy a license to sel LSDJ cart every diffent person who buy LSDJ must have there own license.

  3. you dont have to have a licence to own a cart you just have to own a licene to download of of little sounds website.

  4. Email me if you have these in stock.geeyourhairsmellsdelicious@gmail.com I have an lsdj license.

  5. hey ive just started making chiptune and its going awsome at the moment its helped me meet new people and frends :) i was just wondering if you still had these in stock and could you ship them to the uk?

  6. How can i get a license to buy lsdj?