Friday, July 17, 2009

New projects.

MuteCity is looking for looking for chiptune!

For ages now I have been uploading chiptune to You Tube but I don't think there is enough of it,
So I'm looking for more great chiptune artists who would like to upload their music to my channel.

So if you have any song you would like to share with the world, please email them to me at

Snes remake project.

I'm planning to start selling Snes remakes of games that have not been released or have not been released in English.

Games like Starfox 2, Secret of Mana 2 in English, Bahamut Lagoon in English, Rockman and Forte (Mega Man 7) in English, Tales of Phantasia in Engilsh and Earthbound in pal.

They will cost about 30 or 40 dollars. I know this is expensive but the parts I need to make them are very expensive and it takes a lot of time to build these carts.

Also what other games would you like to see remade?

If you any cool ideas, please share them. Just leave a comment here or email me at


  1. is there any sort of way i can make a custom order? im currently stationed in hawaii in the navy any way youd ship out here as well?

  2. would love a US version of Terranigma. Also just getting earthbound in basic NTSC would be great for 30 cant find a copy under 70-90 bucks these days.

    seems like you have some know how, maybe you can look into designing a SNES flash cart

  3. Have you ever considered making cartridges of super mario world hacks? Such as the kaizo hacks? I'd love to get one of those.