Monday, July 6, 2009

Pinkboy Still For Sale

Pro sound pinkboy is still for sale.

It's dropped in price to 60 dollars.

The gameboy does have a line of dead pixels going down the screen,
So bear
that in mind before buying.

Other wise it's fine.

shipping with out a tracking number is free,
but if you would like
a tracking number shipping will be an extra $10.

You get 10 dollars off a DMG if you buy a copy of LSDJ with it.

Email me if you want to buy something, my email is:


  1. Hey, my names tierra and I found you on youtube and I really liked your videos! I have a few questions I'd like to ask you about LSDJ and I am really hoping you can help me out..I'm a total noob at this and desperate! sorry if this is a creeper approach, I just really need some if you can my aol sn is hmmtdubb. thanks for your time!

  2. hello!!!!

    my name is alex im from mexico, and I'm the only person in my city that is interested in chiptunes, do you send lsdj to mexico too???

  3. whats your method for painting the DMGs?? Impressive stuff. BTW im a fellow chiptuner living in ireland