Monday, May 25, 2009

White DMG

This Gameboy is the rarest dmg ever to be made!

It has custom painted green buttons with matching green backlight which makes gameplay possible in any sort of lighting.

This gameboy still has its original 'Play it loud!' screen.

It has a pro-sound modification which gives the sound more mids and highs and makes it so much clearer and louder!

It also comes with a copy of the newest, most stable version of LSDJ!!

These particular Gameboys are very hard to find so grab this baby while you can!


The Starboy

The ''Star Boy''.
This Gameboy has a unique custom paint job, It has been painted yellow with the outline of a star and green buttons.
It also has a matching green backlight which makes gameplay possible in any sort of lighting.
A internal pro-sound modification has been fitted. This means that the original headphone jack has a pro-sound modification, meaning that the sound is louder and clearer, giving it more mids and highs. This Gameboy has also been fitted with a brand new screen!
Included with this gameboy is the newest most stable version of LSDJ!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pro Sound Super Gameboys.

Now in stock are pro sound super gameboys!

The pro sound output is two RCA connectors on the top of the super gameboy
which you simply connect to your stereo, Recording Device or amplifier.

the pro-sound modification makes the sound louder, clearer and gives it more mids and highs.

Perfect as a Recording Device for any Chiptune Artist!

$30 with free shipping worldwide.

To buy email me at and i will send you a bill.

I use paypal only!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Feng Shui NES

Feng Shui NES

This Nes has a custom paint-job, it has been painted with special white matt paint and has a stencil of a chinese symbol meaning 'feng shui'.

Its lock out chip has been disabled, meaning that you can play european and american games!


Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Tape Boy!

The "Tape Boy"

This is my favourite GameBoy I have made yet. It has a nice smooth coat of matt
blue paint and custom white buttons.
It has been backlit with matching blue LED so you can play in any lighting.
There is also a toggle switch to turn the backlight on and off. The gameboy has a pro sound modification, an added headphone jack with makes the sound louder clearer and gives it more mids and highs. It has also been fitted with a new screen!