Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More Reproductions

Glitch NES and much other games have a new lower price of 25 dollars shipped.

For those of you that don't know what Glitch NES is Let me explain.

Glitch NES is a cartridge for your Nintendo entertainment system that causes graphical glitches similar to hardware circuit-bending.

It was made by No-Carrier and it's ROM, along with it source code, can be downloaded at his website


Here is a copy of the best hack of all time!
That is mario Adventure.


Here is a copy of
Moon Crystal in english, It is a famicon game.
It very good, has a Prince of Persia feel to it.
This game is 25 dollars shipped.


Here is a copy of the real Super Mario Bros 2,
It is known as SMB2J or the lost levels, it was only released in japan on the famicom disk system.

It is in my eyes a much better game then what we got!


Here is a copy of the unreleased Final Fantasy 2 for the NES, Some of you many be thinking is Final Fantasy 2 not for the super NES.

That game is really Final Fantasy 4, Nintendo didn't released a large part of the Final Fantasy in the west.

So here it is The real Final Fantasy 2 in english for your NES


Sweet Home is a RPG horror game that again only was only released in japan on the famicon, I haven't played much of but it but I hear it's a great game.

It is in english.


I have for you another great RPG that was only released in japan on the famicon.
It's YS Book 1, Now the west never got any games for the YS series on till the third game.

If your a fan of YS Book 3 why not pick up the first game,
It is in english.


Last we have a repro of the tenth rarest game in the world,
It the Donkey Kong Country Competition Cartridge.

As most of us don't have the money to buy the real thing I had a repro of this game for those who just want to play it.

But I don't want a repro of it finding its way on to ebay for 500 buck or more so im only selling this to someone know and have sold to before.