Thursday, July 2, 2009

LSDJ V 3.8.9 in stock!!

LSDJ Cartridges are now in stock!

These cartridges are flashed with the newest stable version of LSDJ.


shipping with out a tracking number is free,
but if you would like a tracking number shipping will be an extra $10.

You must have an license for LSDJ to buy, If you don't have one you have buy it at for only 2 dollars.

To buy email me at

Back in stock in a week


  1. also, I am interested in buying one of these!

  2. Those cartridges cost $35. You are selling them for $40. You shouldn't be doing that, making a profit by flashing SOMNEONE ELSE'S software onto a cart. That's called piracy.

  3. There selling them in other shops at 35 to make a profit, do you think other shop just sell them for the hell of it.

    the reason mine are a little dearer is im a small shop i can't buy in bulk.

    but my cart work out cheeper as you don't have to pay for postage here.

    you have to buy a license first off Johan Kotlinski (the maker of LSDJ) so it's not piracy in any way.

    so please get your facts right before you dare accuse me of piracy!