Monday, October 12, 2009


Sorry guys but LSDJ carts are not going to be sold here in future so you will have to go elsewhere. May I suggest kitsch bent shop.

Also the amount of gameboys I modify will reduce as I am turning my attention to a different project, remaking old games.

I am starting with a remake of star fox 2 for the super nintendo.
The game was never released as it was just finished when the nintendo 64 was being released.

I will be remaking this game so you can play it on your orignal snes for very little cost!

If I can successfully remake star fox 2, then I will start working on remaking a range of other games for the snes.

These will include
secret of mana 2 in English, bahamut lagoon in English, rockman and forte (maga man 7) in English, Tales of Phantasia in engilsh and earthbound

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