Tuesday, August 18, 2009

These cartridges are flashed with the newest stable version of LSDJ.

Now with LSDJ you get a FREE clear cartridge case and a sheet of 9 high gloss LSDJ stickers
Not sold here any more try HERE

Email me the your proof of your license before you buy.

You must have an license for LSDJ to buy, If you don't have one you have buy it at littlesounddj.com/ for only 2 dollars. email me at ruairidillon@gmail.com


  1. Do you think that selling my white nintendo DS lite to get the money for LSDJ would be a good trade?

    The only thing I play on my DS is Animal Crossing and Pokemon.

  2. It's your choice.

    The only thing i would say is to get the ROM and use it on the computer frist.

    Just so you know you like it before you buy it.

  3. Brann, one thing is that you might want to try, for example, NitroTracker on your DS.. although then you would want to get one of the microSD adaptors such as R4 Revolution or SuperCard Lite to load the NitroTracker software onto. I already have an SCL so I'm planning to give that a try. But LSDJ is still so damn sweet..... haha... gotta find my classic purple GBC.

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  5. Oops...Made a typo.
    Made a blogspot just to comment.
    So I just received my cartridge.
    Thanks so much. I was honestly a little skeptical with the ridiculously low price. (other websites I found sold them for around 100 dollars.)
    So thanks again. :)

  6. I want to buy this from you but you are out of stock, will you be making more?