Sunday, April 25, 2010

NTRQ Cartridges!

I have very proud to but making cartridges of the world’s first native NES music tracker!
I can't wait to see what new flavor this will bring chiptune!

It was made by Neil Baldwin and he has been just giveing a way the ROM, check out the NTRQ blog.

Is neil getting any of the profits from these carts? Well yes and no, I asked him did he want a share but he would like it to go to charity. So for ever cartridge I sell 5 dollars will go to Cancer Research.

The cartridges will be 40 dollars each inducing shipping worldwide!


I have a very small stock of these so grab them while you can.

Cartridges are in an NTSC format
If you would like a PAL copy email me at and we can work some thing out.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Glitch NES Cartridges

Glitch NES Cartridges are in stock.

For those of you that don't know what Glitch NES is Let me explain.

Glitch NES is a cartridge for your Nintendo entertainment system
that causes graphical glitches similar to hardware circuit-bending.

It was made by No-Carrier and it's ROM, along with it source code, can be download at his website

Here is a little look at a finished
cartridge and a few screen shots.

This lovely label was made by Thretris
.There is a link for his site in my friends section.

cartridge will not damage your NES or circuit-bend it!
The NES will play as normal when the
cartridge is removed.

cartridges are 30 dollars each plus 5 dollars for shipping.

Carts are in an ntsc format!

If you would like a PAL copy email me at