Sunday, April 25, 2010

NTRQ Cartridges!

I have very proud to but making cartridges of the world’s first native NES music tracker!
I can't wait to see what new flavor this will bring chiptune!

It was made by Neil Baldwin and he has been just giveing a way the ROM, check out the NTRQ blog.

Is neil getting any of the profits from these carts? Well yes and no, I asked him did he want a share but he would like it to go to charity. So for ever cartridge I sell 5 dollars will go to Cancer Research.

The cartridges will be 40 dollars each inducing shipping worldwide!


I have a very small stock of these so grab them while you can.

Cartridges are in an NTSC format
If you would like a PAL copy email me at and we can work some thing out.


  1. Cool but is the cart limited to 1 song ???

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  3. Are there any plans at all to make any more? I would buy one of these in one second.

  4. Me too.. Late to hear about this, fucking love it. Please make moreee... I will buyy multiple