Monday, November 23, 2009

The Ultimate Boys

Here they are - the Ultimate Boys! I don't think I have ever seen so many mods in one Gameboy.

Gameboys have pro sound mods which boost the sound, making it louder, clearer and gives it more bass.

They are back-lit with with nonfinites dual back lights with means you can make music in any lighting and can play your favourite
games under the covers at night!

The original speaker has been replaced with a pitch mod. It works by flicking the switch and then the gameboy speed/pitch is controlled by the knob. Flick the switch back and the gameboy runs at its normal speed/pitch.

This mod makes some great sounds and is a lot of fun!

As the speaker has been removed for the pitch mod, the Gameboys come with matching add-on speakers which sound great! These are powered by an additional two batteries.

Both gameboys have
been fitted with a brand new screen still with it's plastic coat on, so when you buy it, you just peel it off for a band new look!

Both gameboys have all you could ever need in a gameboy.


  1. Can the speakers be taken on/off?

  2. Those things are awesome!I would love to to own one or at least know how to make one, I am a Nintendo Obsessed Game mechanic.