Monday, June 29, 2009

Pro sound gameboys in stock.

We have three custom pro sound gameboys in stock.

First up is the pink slaps DMG.

The gameboy does have a line of dead pixels going down the screen,
So bear that in mind before buying.

Other wise it's fine.

Next up is the blue DMG.


And last put not least is the orange DMG


I am selling these at 70 dollars each,

shipping with out a tracking number is free,
but if you would like a tracking number shipping will be
an extra $10

You get 10 dollars off a DMG if you buy a copy of LSDJ with it.

Email me if you want to buy something, my email is:

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

USB Smart Boy Carts.

New Smart boy development system!

These carts are so much easier
to use as the programmer is usb!!

The package includes a 32m rewritable cartridge, usb programmer, pc software, usb cable and an LSDJ sticker.