Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Site News!

Hey everyone.

I just wanted to fill everyone in on the site news.

The new game reproductions site will be up soon with a huge range of games to chose from.
It will work A little differently, you will have to send in a game to be modified

Let me use Glitch NES as an example,
First you have to send in a "donor game" (a game I will modify into your new cart) and pay in this case 15 dollars.

After I receive your donor game Ill will work my magic and send it.

You may also be wounding why im a using a donor game well two reasons.

The first one is lock out chip, I don't have to mess about making sure that there are games in stock with both PAL and NTSC lock Out chips.

The second reason is the condition of game cart, the game cart you send in will be the same as the game cart you get back. So you don't have to worry about there condition

Also I have set up a new shop, Thretris's new shop looks so good I thought I would make one of my own for my games.

So check it out.

In stock right now is

Mega Man in the Mushroom kingdom,
D-Pad Hero,
NightMare busters,
Metriod Deluxe
and gameboy under/over clocking crystals.

Keep your eyes open we will have lots of weird and wonderful repros coming so!